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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BBGG11 - Another classic night.

Hello all.

Once again, I come to report a marvellous and lovely meeting.  After our last....shall we say, more exclusive?... gathering of 9 I wasn't sure what to expect.

How lovely then, to rock up at 7.40 and find about 15 people already present and playing!

We had new faces again, to my delight; some friends of current players, some from Couchsurfing.  You are all welcomed and your company was without fault.

The evening was kind of segregated.  Over one side, we had some players working on a large board, playing something that I never quite got around to asking about (oops!).  However, it looked entertaining and engaging.

Over on the rowdier trestle-table, we started off with double Carcassonne.  Moi, I got to play a bit of Carcassonne for the first time ever!  I really can see the appeal and came an acceptable Third.  This might have to be something I add to my own collection....

Play progressed to an amusing round of Yes or No! where, as always, we found it is in fact much much easier to use the words yes and no than you would expect.  Even when you are trying not to.  The group to our side moved on to Frank's Zoo which, I was told, consisted of animal cards weighted by whether they showed prey or predator.  Obviously, the lion was the most powerful - you get the gist etc...

My memory starts to fail me at this point.  This is often a problem, what with BBGG being held in a pub and all. We...played....Boggle?

There definitely was some card playing though.  I instigated a bit of Slam (you might know it as Speed) with some other players although we quickly realised that I couldn't actually remember the rules properly.

Can you?  You have half the pack each, 4 cards in the middle, you build up and down, then slam the smallest pile...something like that?  If you know, please tell me or come along and reteach me.  I loves that game!

See you all on the 20th!