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Friday, 30 December 2011

Isn't this beautiful.....

I swear I'll write up BBGG6 soon and all that but first...look!!

Home-made wooden Settlers of Catan!  For God's sake someone bring it along next time, I'm jonesing..

Apparently the crafter in question was inspired by

Just beautiful.....

Friday, 16 December 2011


Hi all!

Apologies for protracted absence of updating - it's almost like I've been horribly rundown and ill with a sickness virus followed back-on-back with a chesty cough that left me weak and crap unless I stayed in bed all the time whilst still having plenty of other commitments to try and complete!

Determined as I am to not embarrass myself by having #6 roll around without completing this post, I am here to give you a goodly fifteen minutes of my precious time to make an account of our lovely fifth meeting.

As I mentioned before, week 5 saw the Bell provide us with a lovely long trestle table to game on.  To my great relief, it was not obtrusive and embarrassing and all take-up-all-the-pub-ey, it actually worked pretty nicely!  We started with a bit of Jenga and Shithead as always and quickly moved on to our more serious games. Plenty got involved with a good, spread-out game of Carcassonne, possible now that we had the table space whilst the others played some Scrabble and another table did a bit of Blokus.  I lost horribly at Scrabble.  This losing fluke is becoming a streak. I think I might need to rethink my official stand on 'How Good I Am At Scrabble' - it's not holding up empirically.

Around about this time, a lady came over with a posh-looking camera and tripod and started setting up.  To our great pleasure (fear? I don't know), we found out that the Bell had asked her to take some proper photos for their website.  These don't appear to be up just yet but I look forward to seeing them and doing a bit of linking!  This made the whole gaming feel very proper and I am very happy to have this liaison with the Bell - we're good for each other.

After photos, Scrabble and Carcassonne, I remember being involved with a game of which I cannot remember the name.  It was a charming, mid-20th century, child's game that was sort of like Ludo except that you had to capture pieces to get them back to your area.

We also saw some new faces, who were very welcome and we also had an extra game going on during all this.  I don't know the proper name for it but it's sort of similar to Chinese Whispers.  You take a notebook, someone writes a scenario, then someone draws a picture of that scenario, then someone writes an account of the scenario drawn, then someone draws that, and so on and so forth.  Very amusing, would highly recommend for Christmas with the family.

BBGG5 ended abruptly with everyone sort of disappearing at once after last orders whilst I and another stalwart joined some other friends for a protracted argument about the game-play mechanics of dominoes.

Next session will be on the 20th December at 7.30 as always.  Following this, we will have our Christmas hiatus and game on in the New Year!

Monday, 28 November 2011

BBGG4 - Now with guest co-authoring, you lucky devils!

Due to my recent employment (woo!), I couldn't make BBGG4 on time (don't panic, cherubs, this won't be a regular occurrence)!  I joined around 9.15pm to see a host of chancers, trying their luck, all without the gamesmistress!

Ian, one of our stalwart members, who has the privilege of being one of the few to attend every single week (applause and plaudits and approval!), gave me a rundown of the evening's events.

The majority of members started the evening with a warm-up game of Fluxx, that fiendishly tricky game (in the editrix's opinion anyway) where the rules change constantly.  After this, they settled into a long game of Apples To Apples.  This involves picking items, people and places that best fit an adjective, and everybody relished the opportunity to argue their case to the judge. Meanwhile, another table in the corner got on rather more quietly with Blokus.

At this point, yours truly arrived and had a lovely chat with the manager of the Bell who thinks we are just delightful.  We regrouped with half of us forming teams of two for a Trivial Pursuit, and the other half cracking open a deck of cards. The Ticket To Ride afficianados took their game outside to the bigger tables, TTR being a rather large board.  Luckily, one Trivial Pursuit team just managed to get a full set of cheeses before the lights started flashing and it was time to leave once again, having played our hearts out to closing time.  Fun was had by all, as always.


Having had a nice chat with the manager, next week we are going to try out getting in a long trestle table so those of us with big boards can play more easily.  I know several people have wanted to play Carcassone but this has been stumped by small tables.  So, next time, let's bring our bigger games along and see how it plays out.  Could be fun sitting in rows, might be a fun-stifler; let's see.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

BBGG3 - Now with special guests!

Tuesday the 7th saw another splendid turnout with many new faces as well as our trusty stalwarts - those of you who couldn't make were missed.

This week, we had the tremendously exciting special guest, Paul, who brought with him his business endeavour; Namely, the UK distribution of King's Cribbage.  This is a nifty Cribbage variant that takes the layout of Scrabble and combines it with tiles that allow you to make Cribbage hands.  For those of you who love numbers and strategy, it's a winner. Players reported it to be challenging and complicated ( in a good way) with plenty of forms of hands to be played.

Prior to this, we started off with the classic warm-up of Jenga which conveniently toppled just as Paul and his daughter Corrina joined us.  Players got into two groups and got games underway.  Meanwhile, I and the later attendees set up a hand of warm-up Shithead at the other end of the tables.  I lost - how sad!  Too much chattering, of course.

After King's Cribbage ended, we came together for a mass game of Trivial Pursuit.  This too was a variant; a new version where you bet on how likely it is that someone will answer rightly or wrongly.

In teams of 3, we bet on the answering of things like the Science and Nature of Poison, the History of the Olympics and the Art and Literature of Butterflies (did you know Madame Butterfly is set in Nagasaki?  I didn't, much to my team's detriment).  We also learnt the valuable lesson that I can't call a bet to save my life - Never trust me.  Always do the opposite.

We didn't get to finish this as once more, we were cut short by the pub closing.  Another fruitful meet, in terms of new faces and new games; my love to you all for coming xx

See y'all 22nd November at 7.30pm at the Bell on Walcot Street for more chancey risk and skill-making!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Set down, throw down - A second successful meet!

Tuesday the 25th October brought us new faces, new games and, most importantly, the novelty of hot chocolate mixed with rum, speedily imbibed by some gents who clearly knew where they were going in life.

The night started meekly at 7.20 with 5 of us and quickly grew to a sprawling two-tables-worth.  There was a mass, warm-up play of Jenga, where I discovered that the majority of BBGG like to live on the edge and remove both sides of the bottom layers first - far too close to the edge for my liking, I prefer a more cautious game with longevity in mind, but there you go, different horses for different courses, innit loves?

My memory gets a bit hazy at this point (I was barely through one pint, there's no excuse) but we were definitely joined by several more folk and a game of Articulate sprung up.  I definitely saw a bit of Carcassonne (Two people brought this along). I think another round of Fluxx (the Zombie variety, this time) on the right-hand side too. Around this point, a rogue table of 4 presented itself to me from across the other side of the pub.  After a beckon or two, they came to join us, bringing with them Blokus and Ticket To Ride and the rum/hot chocolate combo.  I sat down to a very engaging game of Blokus that was then replayed by folks at the other end - certainly recommend it.

I think at this point, we'd just about reached our height of 19, bolstered by some of Bath Anti-Cuts Alliance whose meeting had finished.  There was a settling down into Ticket To Ride at the far-end (we were 5-table's-worth by this point), a game of Scrabble in the middle and a couple more rounds of Articulating if my memory serves me correctly.

As before, we were there til last orders and some of the last to leave.  The Bell was accommodating as always with turning up lights and shifting patrons (so sorry, not my idea).

Next meet is Tuesday the 8th November at 7.30pm at the Bell, Walcot Street, Bath.  There are rumours circulating of a special guest - details to follow.......

Monday, 17 October 2011

First meet!

BBG's first meet was a delightful success, made possible by the enthusiasm of each and every lovely person that attended. We started off with about 8 people and at our height, had about 18.

We started with a round split into two groups.  One group learning the joys of Bananagrams and another of Fluxx.   From a personal POV, Bananagrams was excellently fast-paced and enjoyable.  Fluxx seemed very complicated from what I could hear and my trusty sidekick pronounced it to be so as well (he used a different word but that's lost to the mists of ale)

The second round was a mass pairing off for a travel-sized Trivial Pursuit competition.  Things were fairly evenly matched but, in the end, the pair most vocal about their expected failings won (bastards).

Things petered off for a while and we relaxed for a bit.  I went out to drag the smokers back in to find them chain-smoking and discussing what art is with particular reference to the Tate's sunflower seeds installation (tsk, I ask you! You arrange a perfectly sensible night out...).

Gamemistress here cracked the whip and we settled into our third and final round with a spontaneous side-game joining of Shithead.  There was a small group of Munchkin and a 4 person competition of Scrabble, eagerly spectatored by the others.

Things came to a head when the bar manager asked us to leave as the bar was closed.  Despite this tardiness to respect drinking laws, he was pretty chuffed to see us there and even turned the lights up for us so we 'didn't have to squint'.

People came from all over - Facebook, Citysocialising, Gumtree, Couchsurfing and the posters I put up and about.  It couldn't have happened without y'all <3

Onwards, to the 25th October!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tuesday 11th October, 7.30pm, The Bell, Walcot Street.

Come to the Bell for an evening of board games and beverages. Bring your own or use the pub's. I will be bringing my absolute favourites of Scrabble and a pack of cards.

Board games, card games, dice games, pen and paper games are all very welcome. Probably not D&D, etc., I don't think we'll have time/space for that although the formation of a sister tabletop RPG group would not go amiss. Preferably nothing electronic or overly bleepy and annoying - a) we don't want to annoy other patrons and b) this is aimed at being low-key and relaxed.

On that note, if you use the words 'epic', 'fail', 'win', 'pwn', 'gay' or 'rape' outside of their traditional contexts, you will be glared at and shunned.

So, kick off at 7.30pm, look forward to seeing you, let's play some lovely games!

If this is successfully attended, I will organise a bi-monthly repetition. Others are welcome to take on this responsibility also and organise events as, when and where at their whimsy.