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Thursday, 10 November 2011

BBGG3 - Now with special guests!

Tuesday the 7th saw another splendid turnout with many new faces as well as our trusty stalwarts - those of you who couldn't make were missed.

This week, we had the tremendously exciting special guest, Paul, who brought with him his business endeavour; Namely, the UK distribution of King's Cribbage.  This is a nifty Cribbage variant that takes the layout of Scrabble and combines it with tiles that allow you to make Cribbage hands.  For those of you who love numbers and strategy, it's a winner. Players reported it to be challenging and complicated ( in a good way) with plenty of forms of hands to be played.

Prior to this, we started off with the classic warm-up of Jenga which conveniently toppled just as Paul and his daughter Corrina joined us.  Players got into two groups and got games underway.  Meanwhile, I and the later attendees set up a hand of warm-up Shithead at the other end of the tables.  I lost - how sad!  Too much chattering, of course.

After King's Cribbage ended, we came together for a mass game of Trivial Pursuit.  This too was a variant; a new version where you bet on how likely it is that someone will answer rightly or wrongly.

In teams of 3, we bet on the answering of things like the Science and Nature of Poison, the History of the Olympics and the Art and Literature of Butterflies (did you know Madame Butterfly is set in Nagasaki?  I didn't, much to my team's detriment).  We also learnt the valuable lesson that I can't call a bet to save my life - Never trust me.  Always do the opposite.

We didn't get to finish this as once more, we were cut short by the pub closing.  Another fruitful meet, in terms of new faces and new games; my love to you all for coming xx

See y'all 22nd November at 7.30pm at the Bell on Walcot Street for more chancey risk and skill-making!


  1. Hi is there a meeting planned in December?

  2. Certainly is, matey, 6th December!-