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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Set down, throw down - A second successful meet!

Tuesday the 25th October brought us new faces, new games and, most importantly, the novelty of hot chocolate mixed with rum, speedily imbibed by some gents who clearly knew where they were going in life.

The night started meekly at 7.20 with 5 of us and quickly grew to a sprawling two-tables-worth.  There was a mass, warm-up play of Jenga, where I discovered that the majority of BBGG like to live on the edge and remove both sides of the bottom layers first - far too close to the edge for my liking, I prefer a more cautious game with longevity in mind, but there you go, different horses for different courses, innit loves?

My memory gets a bit hazy at this point (I was barely through one pint, there's no excuse) but we were definitely joined by several more folk and a game of Articulate sprung up.  I definitely saw a bit of Carcassonne (Two people brought this along). I think another round of Fluxx (the Zombie variety, this time) on the right-hand side too. Around this point, a rogue table of 4 presented itself to me from across the other side of the pub.  After a beckon or two, they came to join us, bringing with them Blokus and Ticket To Ride and the rum/hot chocolate combo.  I sat down to a very engaging game of Blokus that was then replayed by folks at the other end - certainly recommend it.

I think at this point, we'd just about reached our height of 19, bolstered by some of Bath Anti-Cuts Alliance whose meeting had finished.  There was a settling down into Ticket To Ride at the far-end (we were 5-table's-worth by this point), a game of Scrabble in the middle and a couple more rounds of Articulating if my memory serves me correctly.

As before, we were there til last orders and some of the last to leave.  The Bell was accommodating as always with turning up lights and shifting patrons (so sorry, not my idea).

Next meet is Tuesday the 8th November at 7.30pm at the Bell, Walcot Street, Bath.  There are rumours circulating of a special guest - details to follow.......

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  1. Thanx for a lovely evening, looking forward to it already! Also, failed in my attempt to write down my email address, should have been carlemil.kjellstrand at, so if someone at the Ticket to ride table tried to send me an email, that would have been to the wrong address. Sorry about that.