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Monday, 17 October 2011

First meet!

BBG's first meet was a delightful success, made possible by the enthusiasm of each and every lovely person that attended. We started off with about 8 people and at our height, had about 18.

We started with a round split into two groups.  One group learning the joys of Bananagrams and another of Fluxx.   From a personal POV, Bananagrams was excellently fast-paced and enjoyable.  Fluxx seemed very complicated from what I could hear and my trusty sidekick pronounced it to be so as well (he used a different word but that's lost to the mists of ale)

The second round was a mass pairing off for a travel-sized Trivial Pursuit competition.  Things were fairly evenly matched but, in the end, the pair most vocal about their expected failings won (bastards).

Things petered off for a while and we relaxed for a bit.  I went out to drag the smokers back in to find them chain-smoking and discussing what art is with particular reference to the Tate's sunflower seeds installation (tsk, I ask you! You arrange a perfectly sensible night out...).

Gamemistress here cracked the whip and we settled into our third and final round with a spontaneous side-game joining of Shithead.  There was a small group of Munchkin and a 4 person competition of Scrabble, eagerly spectatored by the others.

Things came to a head when the bar manager asked us to leave as the bar was closed.  Despite this tardiness to respect drinking laws, he was pretty chuffed to see us there and even turned the lights up for us so we 'didn't have to squint'.

People came from all over - Facebook, Citysocialising, Gumtree, Couchsurfing and the posters I put up and about.  It couldn't have happened without y'all <3

Onwards, to the 25th October!

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