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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tuesday 11th October, 7.30pm, The Bell, Walcot Street.

Come to the Bell for an evening of board games and beverages. Bring your own or use the pub's. I will be bringing my absolute favourites of Scrabble and a pack of cards.

Board games, card games, dice games, pen and paper games are all very welcome. Probably not D&D, etc., I don't think we'll have time/space for that although the formation of a sister tabletop RPG group would not go amiss. Preferably nothing electronic or overly bleepy and annoying - a) we don't want to annoy other patrons and b) this is aimed at being low-key and relaxed.

On that note, if you use the words 'epic', 'fail', 'win', 'pwn', 'gay' or 'rape' outside of their traditional contexts, you will be glared at and shunned.

So, kick off at 7.30pm, look forward to seeing you, let's play some lovely games!

If this is successfully attended, I will organise a bi-monthly repetition. Others are welcome to take on this responsibility also and organise events as, when and where at their whimsy.

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