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Friday, 29 June 2012

Better Settlers app

The Better Settlers Icon - hexagonal pattern with three coloured hexagons; red at the top, yellow on the lower left and green on the lower right.
Better Settlers
My snookums-snuggly-bunny-lover has alerted me to a Settlers app in the Google app store that promises to make your 'offline set-up of Settlers...easier, faster and fairer'!

The authors wrote it when they notice that most games were over within 15 minutes and it seemed obvious that natural bias had crept in.

Does anyone with an Android phone want to download this and test it out next session? It's free :D   Check it out here


  1. I tried it out a week ago, and will bring the app and a copy of settlers with me tonight, worked out to be the most interesting game i play so far when we setup using the suggestions from the app. :)