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Saturday, 7 January 2012

BBGG6 And a Happy New Year to you all...

Happy 2012, my dears and welcome back!

As we all know, we meet next Tuesday on the 10th to resume our pints and points.  Am looking forward to this very much and expect to see some new faces too.

Have been getting myself into a right old slack state and am here to rectify this.  Without further ado, BBGG 6....


The 20th December was a lovely meet.  I, for one, was full of the joys of Christmas and the pub had a lovely festive air to it.  Our group was a little smaller in number than usual but I was touched that so many of you came despite us being so close to the holidays.

The Bell were strangely eager to put up our trestle table for us and we chose to pop it on the raised dais bit by the door which felt kind of awesome (although my internal teenager was embarrassed at being so prominent).

This week's games were strongly word-based although we got out the Jenga for a warm-up as per usual.

Prior to getting started, we were very much distracted by Phoebe's darling Christmas gift to us all of some high-quality fudge - she is an absolute sweetheart and the fudge was like none other I have ever tasted, from our very own Fudge Kitchen down by the Abbey.  Very, very, very nice.

So, on a sugar-high and with happy tummies, we got on with our tasks at hand.

The group to my right played Bali.  I was not privileged to join, being too distracted by fudge, but they seemed to enjoy it.  It consists of lettered cards being played a bit like Solitaire - It was reported that you were also allowed to take other people's stacks.  They played through and didn't seem too sad to have done so.  My group faffed around with fudge and sideways-5-block Jenga/balance-the-Jenga-in-unrealistic-patterns for a while but got onto Kan-U-Go after a while.  This is basically Scrabble without the board, in card form, with a limit of 3-letter words, although we bent the rules to move up to 4 letters...It was alright.  No great shakes but didn't come away feeling like I'd lost 20 minutes of my life either.   The other group moved onto Syllabex which again, is Scrabble-esque but involves forming words out of 3-letter syllables.  They reported this to be fairly enjoyable but just not too great in terms of game mechanics.

We played a few rounds of that great favourite, Articulate and also went through a stocking-filler type game where you chose the right definition for a word from four possibilities.  We weren't really gaming per se at this point but we still had the element of competition.  I always like a bit of learning thrown into any situation and found the unknown words to be passably amusing.

The night came a close here - somehow 11pm had swung around quietly and we went our separate ways off into the night, full of fudge and pints and points.  It was a good evening.  Plenty of laughter and good feeling, as always, and it felt like a comfortable, warming and reassuring end to BBGG's 2011.

I sincerely look forward to seeing you all on the 10th January, hearing what Father Christmas brought you and symbolically melting that seasonal hoarfrost on our eager card-picking, dice-shaking, question-choosing fingers.

With a bit of  fashionably-late, soppy and seasonal love - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Sarah xx

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