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Sunday, 26 February 2012

BBGG10 - Toothsome and compact.

When I walked into the pub this time, I thought I'd got the day wrong.  Where were you all?!  We concluded that you were all flipping pancakes.

I hesitated for a moment, slightly thrown.  I was already feeling unwell and had barely made it down myself.  Then Andrew waved merrily at me and I found my tribe!

As the title says, this week's meeting was...compact, shall we say.  But do you know what? It was still really lovely and possibly even more fun as we all got to concentrate on each other.  Moreover, I can actually dedicate a little more detail to what we played as it was less distracting!

I got down about 8pm, having dithered at home deciding if I was too unwell or not and found two games going.

I joined the twosome playing Set - a pattern-spotting game that put me strongly in mind of an IQ test.  You have cards with a variety of features; three colours, three shapes, either 1, 2 or 3 shapes per card and three different fills (empty, lined, block).

To make a set, you have to pick out three that fulfill two criteria.  Each group of features must be either all the same or all different.

So cards with three green squiggles that are all block colour are fine.  But so are three, green squiggles with one empty, one lined and one block.  Three cards with two empty diamonds a piece sounds good but not if one is purple and the other two are red.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Just to make it a bit more challenging, there is a rule that if you impulsively yell 'Set' and the cards aren't a set, you lose a point.  (PS You make points from the sets you find).

I absolutely loved this game because I was really good at it (as one tends to).

Next, we all came together for a bit of Boggle - I totally frocked my first go up by forgetting that the letters had to touch each other to be used.  However, it was a welcome to change to play something wordy - I know we play Scrabble occasionally but so much of what we play is strategy, trivia or territorial.

Again, lots of fun and yours truly came in at a respectable gentleladies' third place.

From here on, things get rather silly.  The adorably Polly and Rich turned up and they always turn the silly up a notch.   We were all a couple of pints in too and the rules went out the window a bit.

We started playing Jenga.

Then we played Stone-Jenge.

Then Diago-Jenga...

Which quickly became Anarcha-Jenga.

Then we made an amazing cantilevered, 5 storey dogleg pattern that stood up by itself mostly.

Then it fell over and we squealed with joy.

Then we moved on to a bit of trivia.  We've been playing Mental Floss on and off of late.  My copy of Articulate is great and all but we're all too familiar with the Q&As (must buy new set of cards....anyone got another set of cards?).

That was delicious fun as memory's a bit ale-hazy at this point so I can't remember who won or anything but I know we had a great time.

We closed things down around 11-ish and all pottered off into the night.

A wonderful meet; put me right back in mind of our early days (did you know we've been going for about 5 months now?)

With game-y love and snuggles

S x

PS See you on the 6th!

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